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What is family mediation and how can it help me?

family mediation

Family law mediators are specially trained to facilitate conversations and discussions between people who have decided to separate. This is with a view to reaching proposals and solutions to resolve matters following their separation and moving forwards.

This can include discussions about financial matters, child arrangements and other practicalities relating to separation.

The aim of family law mediation is to provide a calm, neutral and private space for people to talk things through with the assistance of the mediator and as part of that process, for individuals to reach their own informed and agreed proposals.

The mediator is independent, impartial and must act in a fair and even-handed way between each person.

The mediator does not provide legal advice to either party. However, they can provide legal information. Individuals are advised to obtain their own separate and individual legal advice alongside mediation.

At Maguire Family Law, our mediator is an experienced qualified family law solicitor, with many years of experience of dealing with children and financial matters. Whilst they cannot give advice in their role as a mediator, our mediator can draw on their extensive experience and knowledge as a family law professional, so as to best help individuals in their discussions and conversations.

How might mediation help me?

The family law mediator aims to help you and your partner communicate better as part of the mediation process. This can be of great assistance moving forwards and especially where parents will be continuing to co-parent children following their separation.

Mediation is a flexible process and with the assistance of the mediator, individuals can tailor the conversations and discussions to their own individuals needs and circumstances.

Mediation is also often a more cost effective way of resolving matters following separation.

Overall, the focus of mediation is to work towards finding proposals and solutions that work for the future.

How does family law mediation work?

Firstly, there would be an initial meeting with the mediator alone. This is so you can find out more detail about the mediation process and the mediator can answer any questions you may have. This meeting also allows the mediator to assess whether the circumstances are suitable for mediation.

After that meeting, if you wished to proceed with mediation, the other person would be invited to contact the mediator for an initial meeting.

After their initial individual meetings, if both people wish to go ahead with mediation and if mediation is suitable, a joint meeting will be arranged with both people and the mediator.

Thereafter, there will be a series of joint meetings. The aim of the joint meetings will be to reach detailed proposals and solutions that work moving forwards for the individual circumstances of those involved.

Family law mediation is available remotely via video-link, or in person at at our Knutsford, Altrincham and Wilmslow offices.

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