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Financial Agreements and Settlement

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Case studies

1. We acted for Mrs X in her divorce. She obtained a favourable settlement with her husband, and we were instructed to prepare a Consent Order as part of the divorce. Mr X later felt that he had been too generous and complained about the financial agreement reached. He also threatened to take this to the family court. We made representations to Mr X’s lawyers that a final agreement had been reached and this had been approved by a judge. There was a clean break and we warned Mr X about actions. He took the matter no further.

2. We acted for Mr Y who was a business owner. As part of the financial agreement, Mrs Y kept the family home and Mr Y kept his pension and business. 5 years later Mr Y sold his business for a significant sum of money. Mrs Y wanted to a further lump sim of money and give reasons. However, because of the Consent Order we prepared and the clean break, Mrs Y could not pursue this.

3. We acted for Mrs Z. A 50/50 agreement was reached and through the divorce, a Consent Order was prepared to record the settlement. Mrs Z then received an inheritance from a family member. This was protected by the Consent Order and was able to keep her inheritance.

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We are ranked in Tier 1 of the Legal 500 for family law cases and have a very strong family law team. James Maguire is also a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, which is by invitation only and members are recognised by their peers as being the most expert in their jurisdiction. We have access to the best valuers, accountants, financial advisers, and barristers.

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