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No Fault Divorce from 6th April 2022













Do I need legal advice?

A family solicitor can help you with the divorce/dissolution process itself and to make this as smooth as possible.

There may be some scenarios where legal advice is important, for example:


  • Where there is a problem about serving the divorce application on the Respondent.
  • Where the Respondent lives overseas (the rules for international service will not change).
  • Where divorce jurisdictional issues or options need to be considered (as this can significantly affect the financial outcome).
  • Where the relationship deteriorates, and one party is not taking the necessary action or steps to progress the divorce.
  • Inevitable there will be separate financial and/or children issues to consider (and please see below).



Beyond the new digital system

The new divorce and dissolution system is to minimise conflict between couples and essentially to end the relationship with dignity. These changes apply to the divorce/dissolution process only.

The laws in relation to the finances for example, the division of property, assets (including businesses), pensions and so on, together with income and maintenance issues, remain unaffected.

Similarly, there may be separate legal issues in relation to any children. Enshrined in the law remains the principle that the welfare of any minor child is paramount.

A family law solicitor can help you consider your legal rights and advise you on the best options for you.

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