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Pensions on Divorce

A pension is one of the most valuable assets in a divorce case.

Your divorce solicitor can help advise you about:

  • Your rights and claims in respect of any pension provision your partner may have and how to protect your pension if there is a divorce.

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Case study

We acted for a husband on a divorce, who at the time of separation had a pension of £500,000. He was advised at the time to deal with the financial issues, to include a clean break so that his future pension provision was protected.

However, the husband moved and decided to deal with the financial issues following his separation another day. 8 years later, his wife started divorce proceedings. The husband was successful, and his pension was now worth £1m.

Naturally his wife now wanted 50% of £1m. This causes a real dispute between the couple a judge needed to decide whether the husband should be given credit for his post separation pension accrual.

The case involved pension experts to look at different calculations about what ‘sharing’ would actually mean between different dates, especially given the length of separation. The risk to the husband was that all of his pension would be ripe for sharing. But we were able to successfully argue that the wife’s claims should be limited to sharing only 50% of the pension accrued during the marriage years.

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