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Top 10: International Family Law Recommendations

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The UK is widely recognised as the “divorce capital of the world” and where a relationship breaks down it is crucial that a party seeks specialist international family law advice. Here we list the Top 10 International Family Law recommendations.

James Maguire & Co are very well known and highly regarded for our expertise and experience in family law and divorce cases with an international element.

Here are ten recommendations:

  1. Take urgent legal advice on relationship breakdown.
  1. Consult an international family law specialist – many general family lawyers do not have the expertise in relation to international aspects.
  1. Take advice from a specialist family lawyer in each relevant country.
  1. Do not discuss matters with the other party (even mediation or counselling) without making sure proceedings have been issued in the most advantageous country for you particularly in relation to financial outcomes.
  1. Where appropriate, stop the other party disposing of assets before a settlement by freezing them.
  1. If you are going to move a child permanently to a different country (or even to go on holiday) always get the permission in writing from the other parent before you travel e.g. to avoid allegations of parental child abduction.
  1. Do not rely on any advice given by friends, colleagues or indeed the other party.
  1. Certainly do not represent yourself in a case involving international aspects.
  1. Prevention is better that cure: take preventive action therefore which can save legal costs and avoid problems.
  1. Finally, always respond quickly when served with court papers and seek specialist family law advice. Do not ignore them!

James Maguire is a recognised leader in this field and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL). James enjoys close links with foreign lawyers with particular expertise in cases involving other European countries, Dubai and the Middle East, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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