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‘Til X-Factor do us part

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The latest series of the X-Factor began this weekend, with the usual mixture of the talented, the not-so-talented and the outright awful.

Sunday’s episode included the audition of Kitten and The Hip, where the level of talent within the group was mixed, according to X-Factor judges.

The couple who formed the group, having met through music, are married and have a young child. The X-Factor judges felt that the wife had potential, whereas the husband needed to step back.

This is not the first such dilemma to befall groups auditioning for the X-Factor, but what made this group stand out is perhaps the speed with which the wife agreed to go it alone. The shock was clear on all of the judge’s faces.

We of course wish both the husband and wife every success professionally, and with their marriage. However, such a situation does highlight questions of behaviour during a marriage.

If their relationship were ever to break down because of this audition, the parties would have to show that this breakdown is ‘irretrievable’. This can be evidenced by one of five facts.

Here, the husband may consider a divorce petition based on the wife’s unreasonable behaviour. It is likely that he would need to provide more than this one example of his wife’s behaviour order to persuade the judge that the marriage has broken down. However, it is a subjective test; and whilst the wife may feel that she was doing the right thing for them as a family, it is how the husband felt about the wife’s actions that the judge would take into account.

For further details on the ways of showing that a marriage has irretrievably broken down, please click here.

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