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The science behind marriage

The science behind Marriage!

The hit TV series ‘married at first sight’ has returned to our screens for a second and equally controversial series.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of the series it is relatively self-explanatory. Put simply, two strangers meet for the first time, at the altar, and get married.

There are no secret rendezvous involved, the first time the couple meet is genuinely the day of their wedding ceremony. However, these are not randomly selected volunteers but scientifically, emotionally and psychologically compatible individuals who have been matched to be the ‘perfectly compatible’ couple.

The selected volunteers undergo thorough DNA testing and undertake extensive psychometric profiling to allow scientist (and other experts deemed to be qualified in the art if relationship matching) to identify who is the best possible match. In short, it takes reality TV to another dimension.

Once the couples have married, the TV series tracks their relationship for 5 weeks at which point the couples make a decision whether they wish to continue with the marriage or seek an annulment.

Why 5 weeks and why an annulment not a divorce? The latter is easily answered. In England and Wales a person can only divorce if they have been married for at least 1 year. In contrast, an annulment is relatively rare but in the circumstances such as in this experiment, if after a relatively short period of 5 weeks the couple have not consummated the marriage, then it may legally possible for the parties to void the marriage.

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Social media has voiced conflicting opinion about this social experiment with many suggesting the concept destroys the whole sanctity of marriage. However, others suggest that by thrusting couples into marriage shows an immediate level of commitment to drive the couples together.

This begs the question whether science has the formula to discover the ‘perfect’ couple?! If the success rate of the first series is anything to go by, then the answer must be a resounding ‘No’. All the couples in the first series unfortunately separated and either officially annulled or divorced the marriage.

No matter the length of a relationship, when it breaks down it brings with it a whole host of conflicting and emotional reactions. As experienced family solicitors, it is our duty to guide our client’s through this difficult time to streamline the daunting legal process with a view to reaching a conclusion in the most amicable and cost efficient way as possible.

Whether or not a client has been ‘married at first sight’ or not, to proceed with an annulment or divorce requires specialist legal advice to assist in connection to whole array of associated legal implications including dealing with resolving financial matters and arrangements for the children.

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