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The rise of the body clock divorce

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Rising tension between married couples relating to family planning has led to a dramatic increase in what are now being described as ‘body clock divorces.’ It is a sad reality that couples are frequently entering into arguments upon discovering that their spouse will refuse to have children.

Figures have been released which indicate that as many as one in ten women are seeking a divorce from their husbands who believe that their years of fertility are withering away and as a result, are experiencing anxieties over finding new partners who are willing to support a family. The recent rise in the so-called ‘body-clock divorce’  has mainly been observed among older couples and evidence highlights that women falling in the 30-40 year age bracket are now expressing worries about their family plans and the potential breakdown of their marriage due to a number of factors, predominantly linking to careers and related ambitions.

In January TV presenter Gary Lineker, 55 and his wife Danielle Bux, 36, announced their intention to divorce after a 6-year long marriage, reason being that the former footballer was unwilling to have children with his wife and had begun to express concerns.

In conjunction with this recent issue, the overall increased cost of living and low employment rates have been placing incredible strains on married couples with couples facing a battle between starting a family and securing their financial positions. Furthermore,  on top of these pressures, the lack of automatic legal protection for unmarried and merely cohabitating couples has driven couples to take the plunge and marry to give a sense of security for the future. It has in many situations led to couples marrying too soon or for the wrong reasons.

Ultimately, attitudes to becoming parents can have a profound impact on a  marriage and in many cases spouses feel it impossible to reach any sort of agreement about the ‘right time’ to start a family and as a result, the pressures mount and the couple reach the sad conclusion that their relationship has broken down.

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