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Strictly Just Friends

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This weekend saw the launch of the 2018 season of Strictly Come Dancing. With a reference from Susannah Constantine to the “strictly curse” even within the first episode, we are sure that there will be the usual share of relationship ups and downs during the series.

However, one really positive aspect of the series is that both Kevin and Karen Clifton have returned to the dance floor as professionals, despite their separation earlier this year.

It is not every separated couple who can continue to work together, but we at Maguire Family Law know that it is possible, particularly where both parties are able to step back and look at the bigger picture.  For Karen and Kevin, they have acknowledged their friendship and the base that this has given to their relationship moving forward in an article here.  It would seem that Kevin and Karen are able to put their love of dancing ahead of their personal difficulties and to find their own way of working together in the future.

Every separated couple has a different relationship following their split.  Remaining civil with each other can be the best way of ensuring that the practicalities arising from your separation (such as sorting financial matters) can be dealt with smoothly and without unnecessary delay.

For the parents of children, the ability to communicate and continue working together moving forward is perhaps at its most important.  It can be a big ask for a parent to change their views of their ex-spouse following a separation, but being able to draw a line between how you see that person as an ex-spouse and how you see that person as a parent to your children can make a big difference. Sometimes parting couples focus too much on the here and now and cannot imagine a future where they can both attend their children’s landmark birthday celebrations, engagements or weddings. To join together in celebration in spite of their differences.

For Karen and Kevin, then the need to be able to communicate and work together comes from their shared love of dancing; but whatever it is that a couple needs to focus on in order to move forward amicably, we always help our clients to try to find that perspective on matters and to move forward as amicably as possible.

It is possible to move forward in agreement and with mutual respect intact.


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