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Strictly Curse and who gets the cat

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For those of you who follow Strictly Come Dancing religiously, it will come as no surprise that the so-called ‘Strictly Curse’ has struck once again. This time the spotlight has been turned upon comedian Seann Walsh and his professional dance partner Katya Jones. The pair have been caught up in the middle of a media frenzy following snaps of their drunken kiss making the front pages of newspapers up and down the country.

Rebecca Humphries, Seann Walsh’s girlfriend, yesterday published her response to the situation, putting out this statement on her personal twitter account:


Whilst we have the utmost sympathy for Rebecca, and the current difficulties she is facing in her private relationship, especially considering the intense media attention, there was one sentence in particular from Rebecca’s statement that caught our attention …

‘I’m not sorry I took the cat though.’

This is an issue that many couples may face when breaking up; who keeps the pet?

This very question is something Maguire Family Law discussed back in August of this year, in a blog on Pet-Nups. Essentially, a pet-nup is very similar to a pre-nup in that it is a signed agreement between the parties as to what should happen in the event that the couple break up, but with a specific focus on the arrangements for any pets shared between the couple. It can cover things such as the pet’s primary carer, how shared responsibility will work and who will pay for vet bills.

In our survey of 1254 adults across the UK, who were both in a relationship and owned a pet, we found that 20% already had a pet-nup, whilst a further third would consider getting one in the future. We also found that a quarter would take legal action if they broke up and both wished to keep the pet.

Creating and signing a pet-nup is one way to avoid the potential difficulties that can result in relation to your favourite furry friends during a breakup.

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