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Shock at the loss of Robin Williams

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It is extremely sad to hear of the passing of undoubtedly one of the most charismatic and famous actors and comedians, Robin Williams.

It has been reported that Mr Williams was facing financial difficulties following two divorces and difficulties in selling some of his assets. It is a reminder that divorce proceedings are a very stressful period in a person’s life and therefore it is important to find a solicitor who has the correct expertise in family law, understands what their client wants to achieve and will fight for it, but who is also able to support the client through the process.

Whilst one of Robin Williams most famous films “Mrs Doubtfire” is a comedy, it has a heartfelt message throughout about the effects of separation upon children and it is a reminder when parties are going through family proceedings such as divorce and finances and disputes regarding the care arrangements, that the children should be at the forefront and ensure that they are sheltered from adult issues as much as possible.

Our condolences go to Robin Williams’ family and friends as they, and the public, mourn the loss of a great star.

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