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The myth of the quickie divorce

The Financial Times have reported that a new online service has been launched by one provider of legal services to coincide with the post-Christmas divorce rush. The article claims that this ‘new’ online service has made the process even quicker for couples seeking to end their marriages.

Claims such as “start your divorce from home, at a time that suits” and advising that the online service can cut the time it takes to complete proceedings in non-contested cases by a third, i.e. from 6 – 9 months to 4 – 6, serve only to create unrealistic expectations on parties seeking divorce and promotes the belief that marriage is disposable when it is not. In particular, it fails to take account of the fact that some parties choose not to finalise their divorce until the financial aspects of their case are also resolved. Rushing through a “quickie divorce” without properly considering financial matters could leave people vulnerable.

At Maguire Family Law, you can contact a family law solicitor at a time that suits you; and, in a non-contested case, obtain a divorce within 4 – 6 months if it is appropriate in your case. You will also have the reassurance and support of dealing with people instead of online programs – so no risk of a “computer says no!” response.

Furthermore, the article suggests that the costs of using the new online service to obtain an uncontested divorce would be £600 plus the court fee of £550, the same cost as the traditional divorce service through the same provider. We’re not sure about you, but by claiming they can get you a divorce in half the time, but charging you the same doesn’t add up to us!

There is a perception that a family law solicitor might be expensive but there are a variety of ways in which costs can be saved by working as a team with your solicitor; and it is always important to keep any legal costs in proportion to what is at stake.

Whether you instruct a divorce solicitor or use an online service, the court requires a process to be followed. The amount of time that the court takes to process court papers can vary; and is out of the hands of those using the system, whether via an online service, through a solicitor or directly themselves.  We therefore cannot see how an online system would improve the speed with which a divorce progresses as compared to one which is dealt with by a helpful, conscientious and efficient solicitor – such as the solicitors you’ll find at Maguire Family Law.

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