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A recent study has shown that when people are considering leaving their spouse, parental influence can have a huge input on their decision. The research shows that almost two thirds of divorcees say that their mother was the one that helped them decide that the relationship was at an end.

63% of the people surveyed said that their families had a bearing on their decision to split but that it was the mother’s on both sides of the partnership that had the greatest influence. In-laws are often the source of humour/jokes and feature in soaps and movies, for example “Monster-in-Law” in which the husband’s mother drives a bride to be to the point of despair. This research may do nothing to quash fears and concerns about interference from a partners’ family. However, 67% of those surveyed said that they were glad that their family had highlighted their opinions and this helped them to see that their marriage wasn’t working and helped them to end it.

Of course when a marriage is having difficulties, people undoubtedly turn to their families for support and invariably they will provide their opinions and indeed they may be sought. At this difficult time, family and friends undoubtedly offer support but it is also worth considering other organisations who can provide support and independent advice and guidance either to one party or as a couple.

If either party or both come to the decision that the marriage has broken down, it is important that you seek legal advice and importantly from someone who recognises that it is an extremely difficult time and emotions are high. At Maguire Family Law we pride ourselves on being able to sympathise and understand the emotional difficulties of the breakdown of the marriage but at the same time giving clear and honest advice without emotion which is what is needed at that time. It is important to get the right fit with your family lawyer so that they can guide you through this difficult process.

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