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Maguire Family Law Work Experience

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Name: Salma Mahmoud
Start Date: 18.07.2022
End Date: 22.07.2022
School/College: Wright Robinson College

What were your main activities and responsibilities during your work experience placement?

During my work experience, I was able to take on various assignments and expand my knowledge of the extensive tasks that family law solicitors are faced with on a daily basis. Additionally, I was introduced to a wonderful team and was able to catch sight of the enjoyable, yet professional environment they had created.
Regularly, I was given a court bundle and advised to read through the provided sections. Although it contained a lot of reading, I found it extremely helpful as to gaining an idea on the processes of different cases and how decisions are made. Following that, I would then discuss the case with Jennifer and voice my opinions. I absolutely loved this as Jen was always prepared to clearly listen and take my thoughts into consideration, as well as provide me with a clear understanding of any questions I had.
I also got the opportunity of sitting in on a client meeting with Jen, which I found interesting. I was able to witness how an actual meeting took place and I was in a position to perceive how both a solicitor and a client communicated to one another. Jen encouraged me to engage in the meeting but I found that listening and taking notes was also a productive effort. Later, I was asked to complete a file note based on the meeting, I was nervous at first as I had no experience in writing such articles, but with the additional support, I was able to produce a good piece of work, considering it was my first time.
On Thursday, Karima came over for the day from the Wilmslow office and I had the chance to introduce myself to her. She was delightful and welcoming, and I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to work with her. She taught me how to fill out a Form E and was very patient with me throughout the process. We proceeded to then fill out a consent order and draft an email to a client, which was very educational.
On my final day, I started off by going through the filing cabinet and ensuring that each case was properly stored. This was an easy job as everything in the office was well organised and effectively kept. Apart from this, my day was based on career-oriented discussions. I was able to have a chat with Olivia about how I can go about becoming a solicitor and the different directions I would be able to go down. I found this very helpful as she clearly explained the pros and cons of each pathway and reassured me of any worries I had.

Why did you select Maguire Family Law and did it meet up with your expectations?

After browsing through their website, MFL stood out to me as I got the feeling that they were a well-off, efficient law firm. Subsequent to completing my work experience, I can confidently confirm that they exceeded my expectations. MFL has successfully fabricated a professional and delightful workplace, which I was able to feel comfortable in. This has continued to reinforce my positive view of family law and has encouraged me to proceed with enhancing my knowledge of this area.

What did you learn about Maguire Family Law throughout your placement?

Throughout my time at MFL, I was able to discover the community-based activities they also take on. For example, at the moment, they are holding a photography competition as a way to raise funds for the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis. I’m very fond of this as they are allowing members of the public to get involved with the firm, as well as help along the way.
I’m excited to see what other fundraisers and events they will hold in the future.

What aspect of your work experience did you enjoy the most and why? What did you least enjoy and why?

My favourite part of my work experience would have to be filling out the Form E with Karima as it allowed me to take on a more practical side of work, rather than just reading. It also helped me practice how to complete such documents.  Additionally, I loved the PowerPoint presentation that Katie had presented me with on my first day of work experience as it gave me a warm introduction to MFL. Also, I recognized that she had put a lot of effort into it, which I appreciated. Lastly, I must mention the wonderful meal I was invited to. We all made a quick trip through the rain to get to Nando’s. However, it was very crowded, so we decided to take it out and eat in the office. It was lovely to have lunch with everyone as I was able to have a less job-focused conversation with everyone and see a more casual side to everyone.

Would you consider working as a solicitor as a career and why?

After the talks I had with everyone, I am now able to get a wider interpretation of what law really is and how a day in the job looks. I always had doubts about becoming a solicitor due to how difficult and stressful of a job it is, but Katie was successful in reassuring me that with hard work and determination, it is possible to achieve any career path I choose, whether it be law or something else. Therefore, I now feel like becoming a solicitor is a suited path choice for me and I am prepared to learn more about it and stay resilient.

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