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Reflecting on the first month at Maguire Family Law’s Knutsford office

The New Year is always a busy and exciting time of year. A time to reflect on the previous year and to make plans and resolutions for the future.

Time is already flying by and it is hard to believe that we are already halfway through February. The start of 2019 has most certainly been a busy and exciting time of year for Maguire Family Law.

As part of the continuing growth of the firm, we moved into our new Knutsford office on 7 January 2019. The Knutsford office is an extension of our boutique family law headquarters in Wilmslow.

Our permanent offices are located in Knutsford at Preference House, 101 King Street, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 6EQ.

Our Business Support Manager, Katie Anderson, worked her magic to ensure the office move ran smoothly and was a resounding success. You may have seen our progress updates on social media detailing the move, step by step!

The reference to steps is intentional; Preference House is a beautiful, historical building and has a long winding staircase. This definitely put us through our paces when the furniture was delivered! However, aching legs aside, we have very much settled in to our new office and surroundings.

Knutsford is a historic and vibrant market town and we have been made to feel very welcome by local professionals, businesses and individuals. Henry Venables, a Director at Maguire Family Law, spent his childhood in Knutsford and has been delighted to return to his hometown. Honor Giles, a solicitor at the Knutsford office is new to the area and has relished the opportunity to explore the thriving town.

Both Henry and Honor are enjoying the opportunity to provide expert and bespoke family law advice to clients in Knutsford and the surrounding areas. This includes advice regarding separation, financial remedy, children matters, injunctions and cohabitation.

For specialist advice on any family law related issue, please contact Maguire Family Law by email or telephone  or telephone 01565 648228.




For specialist advice on any family law related issue contact Maguire Family Law by email: or telephone:

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