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Keeping It Amicable – Celebrity Divorce

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The news that Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher are getting divorced has recently hit the headlines, but with a sizeable fortune between them and three children under 18, how will they keep things amicable? Honor Giles, Family Solicitor and Mediator, and Henry Venables, Specialist Divorce Solicitor, share their thoughts.

Childcare arrangements

Childcare arrangements are often the paramount consideration during a divorce. In this case, the couple have three children under the age of 18, and there is the added international element, with the family having lived in Australia, LA, and London, which could make the decision on where the children will live and go to school, more complex.

In the early stages of a separation, having meaningful conversations about what is best for the children is vital in reaching a positive outcome. Looking at how care arrangements can provide stability and security and focusing on how best to parent together whilst apart ensures that all decisions made prioritise the welfare of the children involved.

Financial settlements

Where this is a prenuptial agreement in place, as rumoured in this case, it often makes proceedings simpler as the division of assets will be pre-determined. Despite this, when a couple have been together for a long period of time, and have children, the weight attached to a prenup could be in question. To amicably decide on a financial settlement, it’s important to establish what each party had before the marriage, what was accumulated during the marriage and how a clean break can be fairly achieved.

In many high net worth divorces, it won’t necessarily be a 50/50 financial split due to the prevalence of prenuptial agreements. Additionally, where there is a high level of accumulated wealth, both parties will easily be able to meet their needs; as such, achieving an equal split of assets may be seen as less important.


Using an alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, is one method that can help couples keep proceedings amicable. If a separated couple can make decisions this way and avoid matters going to court, it provides more scope for flexibility in decision making. Additionally, it can be more private, which is a particular consideration for celebrity divorces.

In the case of Sacha and Isla, articles suggest that the couple parted ways last year, which means they’ve likely had an opportunity to untangle a lot of the issues and begin discussions on how they want to move forward. Taking this time before announcing the decision is a good way to address some of the considerations, such as childcare and finances, before the divorce is in the public domain. Reports also suggest that the couple sought legal advice prior to their separation, which isn’t unusual, people often seek guidance before making significant decisions and often, this is recommended.

From the way in which they announced their decision to separate, it seems that the couple are approaching matters amicably and retain a good relationship. Maintaining this will be key to ensuring that the divorce process is as smooth as possible.

Sacha and Isla certainly aren’t the only couple in the spotlight presenting a united front, Gogglebox stars Stephen and Daniel have also just announced their decision to divorce along with their intention to stay ‘forever friends’. Less recently, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their ‘conscious uncoupling’ and have maintained a close bond ever since. Whilst there are undoubtably a fair share of complex celebrity divorces, there are lessons that can learnt from those striving to keep things amicable.

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