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The impact of the Budget in family law

The confirmation in the Budget that working parents will benefit from an annual tax break towards the cost of childcare worth up to £1,200 per child will be no doubt welcomed by all those parents in paid employment who struggle to meet spiraling childcare costs. The UK is one of the most expensive countries in Europe when it comes to childcare.  The downside of the Chancellor’s announcement is that it will not take effect until 2015.

This is some rare good financial news for working families in the continuing difficult economic climate and follows on from the proposed Children and Families Bill, which was passed after second reading in the House of Commons last month.  Amongst other things the Bill is designed to provide an extension of some employment rights for parents (and adopters) in terms of taking time off work for ante natal care and extending the right to all employees to request flexible working. These are so called ‘family friendly’ rights.

The Bill will now pass to a Public Bill Committee which will conclude by 23 April 2013.

Many will argue that such reform is much needed to assist working parents juggle the demands and of childcare whilst at the same time pursuing a career in the workplace. The traditional role of a husband being the ‘breadwinner’ whilst his wife stays at home caring for the children is less commonplace now and legislation needs to reflect this.  Indeed, the number of single parent families continues to rise and the Government needs to incentivise such parents to go out to work rather than rely on state benefits.

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