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Happy Birthday Maguire Family Law

family law firm turns 13

1 March 2010 marks 13 years since I started Maguire Family Law.

The firm was called James Maguire & Co back then as we were very small.

My vision was to start a specialist family law firm only, which I don’t think anyone had done at the time in Manchester.

Today we continue to be specialists and leaders in our field.

In the middle of difficult is opportunity

Before the start I had been working as a partner in two large corporate firms in Manchester. Perhaps I had become disillusioned with the corporate culture or perhaps I needed a new challenge.

What I do remember is attending a partners’ conference in the Lake District and one guest motivational speakers talked of not being afraid to take risks, saying that as “soon as one door closes, other ones will open”.

We’ve all heard that before, but I hung onto those words… I’ll admit though that the day before, 28 February 2010, the doubts and questions started flood in. My biggest worry was about new clients finding me. But it was too late…there was no turning back!

The start: working from home

I’d jokingly like to think I was a pioneer of ‘working from home’ that is now our norm. There was no real choice as it was a great way to keep the overheads down.  We had no backers or loans, so it was really hand to mouth.

Armed with a small home office, including a fax machine (!) we were open for business.  Although I was worried about new clients, I had the opposite problem: too many clients and not enough time in the day. I guess some of those shut doors did in fact open and I’m very grateful for those who gave their advice and support; and for the many referrals to me at that time.

I also experienced the problems that many face now with WFH in terms of not being able to switch off from work.  Everything was accessible at home, and I ended up working late just to finish that ‘one last job’ which never ends. But WFH also had many benefits too. Like most things in life, there is a happy balance and it is vital to make time for yourself, family and friends.

All this hard work did form the foundation for who we are today and our values.

2023: the team

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs.  And that statement is very true!

In 2023, we are now a team of 17 people, including 12 specialist family law solicitors.  We are based in Wilmslow, Knutsford, and Altrincham. We also have serviced offices for our clients in London, Manchester and Stockton Heath. We act for clients nationally and internationally.

Family Law covers a broad area of work but we handle some of the most complex divorce and financial cases, children matters and specialise in international family law too.

Every client is individual and important. We like to give clear advice and options, and to help our client to day one of their new life. Our glowing testimonials over 13 years are testament to that.

I am very proud of each team member (past and present) and what we achieved together over the last 13 years. Thank you so very much.

Happy 13th birthday Maguire Family Law!

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