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Happy 9th Birthday to Maguire Family Law

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Maguire Family Law turns 9 today; and we’ve certainly achieved a lot in that time. For those who regularly read our blogs or follow us on social media, we hope that you have a good insight into us as a firm and the values that we stand for. But in honour of our 9th birthday, we thought we’d share a little bit of the behind the scenes story at Maguire Family Law and a few things you may not already know about us:


  1. We’re a talented bunch. And we don’t just mean in terms of our award nominations and recent wins! We’ve got our musicians (between them Jennifer, Kirsten, Fran and Laura can play the piano, flute, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, French Horn and harmonica); and our sporting achievements too (County level sportswomen Kathryn (Netball) and Alex (Athletics); Rebecca has level 8 awards in gymnastics and trampolining; and our half marathon runners Eimear, Honor and Fran). We’ve got a qualified PADI open water scuba diver and we’ve even had two Blue Peter badges awarded!


  1. We do our bit for charity and the local community. So far, as a firm we have raised nearly £12,000 in support of Alzheimers Research UK; and this week we’re taking part in the Great Legal Bake. Our Business Lounge networking group (next event on 2 May 2019) has supported East Cheshire Hospice and the Toy Appeal. We are also doing our bit for the environment by ensuring our lunch time crisp packets are properly recycled. Individually, Fran has completed a treasure hunt around Europe to raise money for charities local to her university in Sheffield. Working with animals is clearly close to our hearts: Laura has dedicated her time to volunteer work at a goat sanctuary and Honor volunteered as a dog walker at a local animal shelter. Henry is one of several parents who have become FA registered coaches for Hartford FC under 8s, where he has the opportunity to help train/develop the players and supervise match days against local clubs in Cheshire.


  1. We’re known for our international work, advising clients in England & Wales where there may be issues of child abduction, relocation and international Finances. But did you know some of us have developed our legal skills a little further afield? James has undertaken the Californian Bar Exam; and Jennifer spent a year studying in France, looking at European and international legal issues from a French perspective.


  1. We’re creative! Not just in the way that we approach our client’s cases and try to do the best for them, but also in our activities out of work. James Maguire has a love of photography which he shares via Instagram and his own website. Jennifer and Laura can often be found hidden away under mountains of fabric / wool, making various outfits and gifts – including items for Wanda. Hannah’s talents are in the kitchen, making exceptional cakes – including her cousins wedding cake!


  1. We’re practical. An important part of setting up and running a small business is being able to pitch in and help out with a wide variety of business needs. Whether it’s setting up a new office in Knutsford; making someone feel welcome at their new desk in Wilmslow or mounting James’s latest artwork on the wall, we’ve learned over the years how to do things well. Just as with our legal work, we have our trusty tool box, a mixed box of useful tech kit and a step ladder; plus the common sense of how to use it all safely!


  1. We love language. A significant part of our work centres on communication and the best use of language. Whilst all of our work is undertaken in English, between us we’ve got a pretty good working knowledge of French, Spanish and Welsh and a few words of Polish sprinkled in for good measure. Sometimes it’s not just the spoken word we have to think about: Katie has British Sign Language stages 1 and 2.


  1. Our one vice: snacking. There’s not a day goes by when someone doesn’t bring a little something into the office to share with the team. It’s fair to say that the treats are mainly of the sweet variety, but we have been known to have a particularly well motivated team meeting thanks to our chair for that meeting offering us all crisps. The important thing is that whatever the snack, it gives us the energy to keep focussed on the task at hand.


  1. We make an effort. We realise the importance of creating the right impression for our clients. The number of pairs of shoes in the office is testament to our commitment to look the part (at the last count we’re at 12 pairs, over and above those that are currently being worn); as well as the suit jackets on the back of our chairs just in case we’re called to court or asked to appear on television to share our views on current family law issues. From time to time, we indulge in a casual Friday: when we know it’s just us on the office, we let our different personalities shine through, whether that’s through our choice of Harry Potter jumpers, dungarees or designer trainers!


  1. We’re a genuine team. Whether you’re using a football analogy to describe us (Eimear would be our goal keeper – ensuring that nothing gets past the team, and keeping us ahead of the game) or comparing us to a soap opera family (James is more Danny Dyer than Phil Mitchell), it soon becomes clear that we’ve each got a role to play in providing our clients with the service that they know and trust us for.

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