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First Formal Family Finance Forum

On Thursday 11 October 2018 we welcomed approximately 40 guests to Gusto, Alderley Edge, to take part in our Family Finance Forum.  The aim of this Forum was to promote a deeper understanding of businesses on divorce.


With the assistance of a carefully scripted case study, centring on Paul Robinson and his business empire from the soap Neighbours, our experts were able to draw on their own respective experiences of advising people both entering in to new relationships and going through relationship breakdown; and helping them to deal with these matters in the best way possible.


Our speakers at the event were our very own James Maguire, Neil Montaldo (a Family Law Barrister at St Johns Buildings in Manchester), John Green (Director and Accountant at Pierce) and Chris Bull (a Chartered Financial Planner from Kellands).


The overarching theme that came from the discussions was the fact that each of the different types of professionals has a role to play throughout any potential divorce proceedings. Indeed, one of the first points we focused on was the fact that each of these advisors potentially has a role to play when someone is contemplating marriage – to include Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Shareholder Agreements and financial planning generally.


There were a number of laughs throughout the rather unfortunate marital breakdown Paul experienced, but the overall environment was one of learning and sharing experiences.


As well as the Forum itself, there was also the opportunity both before and after the event for our guests to network.  It was interesting to hear around the room how the Forum itself had opened peoples’ eyes to opportunities to collaborate and work together.  The suggestion that a number of advisors could get together in a room to work together on a recommendation to put to a client was discussed as well as other inventive ways in which we can all help our respective clients.


Our next Family Finance Forum will be taking place in January and will focus on the more emotive aspect of divorce as we discuss supporting clients in their journey to day one of their new lives.


For anyone reading this blog who wishes to be added to the guest list for our next event then please contact; and for anyone curious about what happened to Paul Robinson in our case study (the PowerPoint presentation included a picture of Paul outside the Rovers Return!) then please contact

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