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Fifty shades of Divorce

The trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey has had an unprecedented impact all around the world.  Whilst it has not only sold hundreds of millions of copies, it has also had an impact on numerous other businesses that have benefited from the launch of these books.  However, it appears that Fifty Shades of Grey may also be the cause of relationship breakdowns.

A man is being divorced by his wife after he refused to spice up their love life following her reading the trilogy.  The woman who is a forty one year old banker, who earns more than £400,000 a year, has filed for divorce at the High Court on the basis that her marriage has irretrievably broken due to her husband’s unreasonable behaviour.  Within her petition she specifically refers to the novels Fifty Shades of Grey.  It is understood that the Respondent Husband has blamed the novel for his marriage breakup but he is consenting to the divorce so that it can proceed quickly and without a contested hearing.

Whilst certain newspapers have made this a light-hearted story given the reference to Fifty Shades of Grey, divorce law, and indeed all aspects of family law, can be stressful, distressing and emotional times for those involved. James Maguire & Co are specialist family law solicitors who deal with all family matters including divorce law, children law and financial matters and can offer advice, assistance and support during these difficult times.

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