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Family Law Website

Updated Family Law Website

Granted, it may be a little premature to talk about fireworks, explosions and rockets in the context of bonfire night however, it certainly isn’t too early to mention the all singing, all dancing new James Maguire & Co website launched this week with a BANG!

We are excited to announce that our new website is live and kicking and ready for you to explore.

The new website has new, refreshing content, images, profiles and updating guidance. James Maguire & Co has also welcomed new solicitor Hannah Atkinson to the team and has updated profiles. The website has been upgraded to allow for easier user navigation and clear access to helpful guidance. In particular, we have listened and taken on board client feedback and adopted a website with a wealth of visual imagery and informative video clips.

Here at James Maguire & Co we are keen to embrace social media and the website now tracks the social media twitter feed to ensure that users are kept up to date with the latest developments in family law.

Finally, our hugely efficient office junior, Wanda, has been credited with a new profile photo and contrary to popular belief; this reflects a true and realistic image – no filter required!

Please feel free to browse and explore away, happy navigation!

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