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Family law firm turns 7

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Family Law Firm, James Maguire & Co, is 7 Today!


This day marks our 7th anniversary, when we opened our doors to our clients on 1st March 2010.


Over this time, we have  grown to a team of six specialist family law solicitors plus support: with offices in Wilmslow and meetings rooms in London and Knutsford.

We have also received many accolades and awards.

This year I am delighted to say that we been shortlisted for “Family Team of the Year” at the prestigious Manchester Legal Awards 2017, with the awards dinner to being held tomorrow.

To mark our 7th anniversary therefore, I would like to set out 7 tips to those going through a separation or divorce (or contemplating one).

Some are quite obvious but all are so very important:


  1. Take care of yourself


We have all heard the flight attendant say before take-off: ‘before placing the oxygen mask on anyone else, place it on yourself’.

A separation or divorce is no different: you have to take care of yourself first because you don’t want to be fighting domestic violence charges no one else will.

Eat well, try and have good sleep, rest, exercise and seek professional help whether from a solicitor, counsellor or therapist.


  1. Safety


You must ensure that you and any children are safe, particularly if there is a risk of domestic violence.

Seek legal advice and if required, from the police; and consider an emergency plan if you need to remove yourself from the family home.

Personal protection is essential but it is not always the risk of physical harm that concerns a party.

There is commonly a worry about such things as access to joint bank accounts, spending on credits cards, changing the locks on the family home and so on.

Specialist and timely family law advice can help avoid a problem and to protect assets.


  1. Think about the children

This involves thinking about how much time the children will spend with each of you.

You should look to come up with a parenting plan or framework. A parenting or family coach can help with this.

I would not recommend speaking to the children about a separation until there is some plan in place and to then give messages:

  • It is ‘ok’ to love both parents


  • Both parents love the children


  • The children will have a meaningful and proper relationship with their parents


The children are the most important people in all of this.


  1. Contents


Whilst the children might the most important issue, the least important perhaps are the contents and belongings of the family home.

Yet, the issue of contents often gets in the way of reaching an overall agreement or becomes more complicated and stressful than it needs to be.

Make a list of the contents you wish to take and with the reasons why.

Seek to agree this with your partner and compromise!


  1. Don’t fight, don’t seek revenge


Inevitably, there is going to be tension and arguments.

But listen to each other and communicate: just because one person makes 10 points does not mean they are all bad ones (and vice versa).

And do not let this get out of control.

This can be very bad for the family and worse still if it is in front of the children; and which can seriously affect their longer term mental and emotional health.


  1. Educate yourself


Prepare yourself to make decisions about your life.

We have a number of videos on our website and information which can help.

There is a wealth of information available and books concerning children and divorce can be recommended to you

Also think about the practicalities: where am I going to live, how much is this going to cost, what am I going to live on etc?

It is important to create a plan of action and which may involve retraining, courses or starting a new business.

You will then have a better understanding and of the different choices you can make.


  1. Book a consultation


We only do this type of work and we know what we are doing.

A free initial consultation is always offered and please bring your questions with you.

We are here to guide you in a timely manner, to be cost effective and help you reach a resolution: which should always be the goal.

You can then start your new life and new beginnings.

For expert family law advice from a specialist family and divorce solicitor email: or telephone:

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