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Easter – a time for new beginnings

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Easter – a time for new beginnings

As the Easter holidays approach there is often a lot more to think about than the giving of chocolate eggs.

Where parents are separated then there may be issues in relation to the children and the time which they are spending over the Easter holidays with each parent. Bank holidays generally can cause a problem and we previously blogged on this issue ahead of the August bank holiday.

Easter is, however, also a religious holiday and this can mean that, for some people and some families it is extra important.

The meaning of Easter itself is often forgotten. Easter is a celebration of rebirth. This is a theme which is common to many other religions and it can be seen, for example, in the Jewish festival of Passover.

Separating families themselves also go through a process of rebirth. The family unit as it once was is no more and new, different, family units are established. There is a tendency at times for people to focus on the negative aspects of this process i.e. the loss of what there was but it is helpful to focus more on what will happen in the future and how potentially this can be better or, at least, can be made into the best it can possibly be.

Focus more on what will happen in the future and how potentially this can be better.

Where there are no children it is often easier for people to move forward and break their ties with the other party. The court itself is bound when considering financial issues to look at what is called the “clean break” between parties and achieve this wherever that is possible. This is enshrined in our laws within the Matrimonial causes Act 1973 and the relevant section can be found here.
This is a principle that was also repeated most recently by Mr Justice Mostyn in SS v NS (spousal Maintenance) [2014] EWHC 4183 (Fam).

It is more difficult where parties have children because although a financial clean break should be achieved wherever possible on a practical level it is perhaps inevitable that the parties will remain in each other’s lives to some degree.

Perhaps if you are in the process of separating or have separated you could give some thought this Easter or Passover to the rebirth of your family unit and how this can be a positive thing… and then maybe eat a chocolate egg after…

Happy Easter to all!

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