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Divorce Jurisdiction

It has recently been reported that there is an on-going dispute in relation to jurisdiction between one of Malaysia’s wealthiest business men, Khoo Kay Peng and his wife Pauline Chai. Mrs Chai has brought proceedings in England but Dr Khoo wants the case to be heard in Malaysia.

The possibility for a jurisdictional dispute in respect of divorce is something which we must all be alive to. It can make a very significant difference in terms of each party’s financial settlement.

This particular case has been adjourned by Coleridge J and the outcome is awaited.

Unlike many other aspects of family law time is really of the essence where there is a potential for a jurisdiction dispute.  Within the EU the first divorce proceedings to be validly issued will claim jurisdiction and even outside of the EU timing will still be important.

England and Wales is traditionally seen as a ‘good’ jurisdiction for a wife to divorce but this should not simply be assumed and full and proper advice should be taken in each potential jurisdiction before a decision is made about where to issue.

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