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Divorce Day

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Today is ‘Divorce Day’ in England & Wales with family lawyers noting an increase in people seeking legal advice and starting divorce proceedings.

There is certainly an increase in family law enquiries during the month of January. It is difficult to know exactly why this happens. Often, people attribute this increase to the stress of Christmas. There can be a pressure to be happy over the Christmas period. If people are not, it may be ‘the last straw’ in a struggling relationship. Rare is it that people choose to end a marriage based on one Christmas.

For others, a new year brings a new start. A new year gives some people the push to seek legal advice about a relationship that may have deteriorated over many months and years.

January can therefore be a peak time for people to seek legal advice about divorce proceedings. Divorce is of course only one option and people may also seek advice from relationship counsellors to see if there is a possibility of reconciliation.

Ultimately, it appears people are seeking family law advice so that they can make informed decisions about very personal matters. At Maguire Family Law, we are experts in family law matters. However, we are also well aware that making an initial enquiry with a family lawyer is not always easy. We are therefore understanding and sensitive to each of our client’s individual circumstances.

This January some family law firms will offer a “free first interview” or “free initial advice”. Here at Maguire Family Law, we do not do that. Instead, we offer a fixed fee service that in our view (and our experience backs this up) is far more valuable to our clients. This is because we are only willing to assist in a thorough and joined-up way that takes into account all of the details that are personal to our client and their case. Further information about our Roadmap meetings can be found on our website.

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