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Divorce Day

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Divorce Day Arrives


It doesn’t seem right to start off this article by saying “Happy Divorce Day!” although for some it’s a day that they welcome with open arms. As family law solicitors we know which clients are looking forward to the day we ring them to say the Decree Absolute has arrived and that their marriage is officially over so the divorce party can begin. With others however, it can be one of the worst times of their lives, as going through a separation can be akin to grieving for the loss of a friend or family member.

At Maguire Family Law, our specialist divorce solicitors are sensitive to each individual client’s needs and their emotional status. We show empathy, compassion and will continue to be supportive from the first initial consultation until your case ends and we part ways.

Divorce Day is basically a label you will see a lot of today in the media which is the time solicitors experience the most volume of married couples wanting a divorce. This tends to be the first working Monday following on from the Christmas and New Year break. Tensions can mount over the break due to financial constraints and the fact children are off from school. Families may not want to cause any issues before Christmas and so battle to get through this time and then are ready to have a fresh start in the New Year when it’s back to normality.

For more statistics and information about the divorce trend then please read our previous blog by clicking in the link here.

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