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What about the children?

Generally speaking, children hate divorce.  Not only do their parents separate or divorce but they may lose their home, have to move away from friends, school and even family members.  A parent, usually the mother, who looks after the day to day care of the children may form a new relationship and then the children need to consider as best they can, often at young ages, how this new person will fit into their lives; and not to upset their parents.  Perhaps this new person has his/her own children and then inevitably could lead to cohabitation or a new marriage when they are all living together.

There is nothing new in this, people’s lives can become very tangled; and there is always the risk that a new relationship may break down which can only add to further complication and confusion for any children of the family.

New relationships will be a gamble but central to this must be a child’s well being.  In our recent blog “Mum and Dad Glue” we write about books written for children whose parents are separating or divorcing.  Statistics show us that second marriages/relationships are more likely to end up in divorce than first marriages and cohabiting couples are more likely to split up.  Children thrive on stability so a further breakdown of a relationship could have quite a negative affect and result in further conflict.

Obviously, there can be very good reasons for introducing a new person into the home but sadly the good of the children is not always uppermost in the minds of adults contemplating a new relationship or remarriage; and it should be.

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