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Blue Monday or another D-Day for Divorce? A Family Lawyer’s Perspective

It has been widely reported (as it is every year) that today is “Blue Monday”.

Apparently today is the day that we feel at our lowest ebb. Perhaps this is due to post Christmas fatigue, credit card bills, work and not to mention the weather!

Ultimately, all of these excesses will have an impact on a relationship and any cracks in it may start to show; and so ‘Blue Monday’ could become yet another ‘D-Day for Divorce’ even though we’ve already just had one (being the Monday following New Year). However we describe these days, it all sounds rather doom and gloom.

Weddings have decreased by almost 45 per cent since their peak in 1972, and now for every two or so marriages that take, there is one divorce.  Unfortunately divorce can be seen by family lawyers as business opportunity in the same way as weddings are for other businesses.

But is this just media spin and something to fill space in newspapers at an otherwise quiet time of the year? I think it is to a certain extent.

Yes, a culmination of stress and strains will have a negative impact on any relationship; and yes, we do receive a number of new enquiries in the office at this time of year. Often, however, it is people just checking their family law rights and options. I would much rather that someone be well informed and have thinking time than to either make a knee jerk decision or rush into something like a divorce.

We all know the phrase: marry in haste, repent at leisure.

Well, the same thing could be said in relation to divorce if time and attention is not properly given to this life changing event. Family and friends can help and so too can divorce lawyers and in a positive way.

Communication between separating couples is the key to a smooth way forward (one way or the other). For some it is a: new year and a new start. Perhaps, people are worried about time and delay of a divorce (and not to mention costs) and hence the perceived need to get motoring with a divorce or separation in January. Extra care is also needed where there are children involved. We must all recognise that this is a very difficult, sensitive if not a very delicate time for some separating couples. Family lawyers will work as part of a business but we also should provide a service and to recognise the needs of couples and children.

So we feel awful today? Well, remember that we should all feel better tomorrow.

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