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Beware disparaging your ex

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A teacher who described herself as a “snob” and who had a very negative view of the father and his family has had her children removed from her care and an order has been made that they are to reside in the father’s care.

The proceedings which took place in Newcastle Family Court demonstrate how the “resident” parent’s lack of ability to promote the other parents and their family’s relationship with the children can have a significant impact upon the court’s decision as to where the children are to reside.

The mother made disparaging comments regarding the father’s family, not least that the children’s aunt and uncle lived in an ex-council estate which she described as “scruffy and grotty”. The mother also made allegations that the father had sexually abused the children but the court found no reliable evidence of this. A psychologist raised a number of concerns about the mother, as did the social worker involved with the family.

In light of the evidence before the court, the judge ordered a changed of residence to the father and permitted the mother supervised contact with the children once per fortnight.

Whilst this is perhaps an extreme case and the court’s concerns appear to stem beyond the reported headlines that the children were removed simply because the mother was a “snob”, it highlights the importance of parents promoting the other parent’s relationship with the children.

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