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How to avoid child abduction

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How to avoid child abduction

The risk of a child being abducted by another parent or family member can sometimes be real and imminent.

It is never possible to completely avoid a child abduction situation but there are ways to reduce the risk.

The 7 point plan below sets out some obvious actions but ones that are often overlooked in an urgent situation:

  1.  Take threats of child abduction seriously
  2.  Look at the risk factors such as any international connection to your situation
  3.  Seek specialist family law advice
  4.  Inform the police
  5.  Seek protective orders from a court
  6.  Inform any school or child care provider of your concerns
  7.  Consider keeping a child’s passport and any travel documents in safe place

The charity, Reunite has produced a child abduction prevention guide which contains some useful and helpful information.

Like most things in life, prevention is better than cure. Seeking early legal advice is key so you can properly assess the risk; and what options there might be for you.

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