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Are you ready to cohabit?

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Protecting your own wealth if you decide to cohabit

It has been a pleasure recently working with IntroNW, a professional and confidential matchmaking and personal introduction agency and writing a blog for their website to help those who may be ready to meet someone new after a divorce or separation.

The article gives legal advice for those who may be ready to live with a new partner or even walk down the aisle! It covers advice on cohabitation or living together agreements for those who don’t want to get married but do want to live with their new partners, as well as advice on Pre-Nuptial Agreements for those who do want to get married. These type of agreements can set out the financial arrangements and what would happen if the relationship were to break down. They are effectively insurance policies that hopefully avoid potential emotional and financial upset and distress if the relationship breaks down as both sides would have entered in to the Agreement of their own free will and approval.

They are useful in situations where someone has been financially stung from a previous relationship or marriage and also for those who have financial assets they want to protect from potential future claims.

To read more information and the article itself please click here or visit the “our blog” page on their website –

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If however you are interested in meeting your ideal match in a confidential, personal and professional way, which avoids the pitfalls of “internet/online dating” then please contact IntroNW on 01625 909222 or visit their website and the “get in touch” page either by clicking on the previous link or visit

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