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An amicable divorce – Brexit

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Brexit will not be “an amicable divorce” says Jena Claude Juncker, EU Commission President

Since one of the most important political decisions of our time was made on 23 June 2016 many politicians and journalists have compared our exit from the EU to a divorce. As we blogged just after the decision, this comparison can be made but it is concerning to see that the EU Commission President and others are already putting pressure on us to exit quickly and have expressly stated that the situation is not going to be amicable.

Like with a divorce, preparation and timing can be important and decisions should not be made in haste. Where possible the breakdown of a marriage should be dealt with in a non-confrontational way and with the aim of constructively finding a resolution for the whole family and with the best interests of the children at the forefront. . All our specialist family law solicitors aim to deliver the results that clients want but with a constructive approach that doesn’t make the situation even more difficult than it already is. An amicable divorce is possible if both parties truly strive for it.

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