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Marriage breakdown a “scourge” says High Court Judge

A senior Judge of the Courts of England and Wales is so concerned about family breakdown that he has launched a campaign to champion marriage as the ‘gold standard of relationships’.
The ‘Marriage Foundation’, which is designed to assist couples in understanding the nature, benefits and importance of marriage, was launched in London this week.
So what happens if your marriage does not reach this desired ‘gold standard’?

Couples can experience a variety of difficulties within a marriage, many of which may be resolved with the assistance of communication and understanding. But what happens if you really are struggling and feel like there is nowhere further to go?

The first port of call is not always divorce; there are a number of other avenues which you may wish to explore first such as counselling, mediation or perhaps even the ‘Marriage Foundation’ can assist and help in resolving your difficulties and re-building your relationship.

If, however, you are finding that the difficulties and problems will not go away, you may wish to consider the best way forward to include a separation or divorce. We at Maguire Family Law appreciate that the words ‘separation’ and ‘divorce’ can be extremely daunting and so even if you have not yet reached this point but would simply like to discuss your options, we would be happy to assist.

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