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Can I legally pursue access to my grandchildren?

access to grandchildren

Whether you are nanny, grandma, grandad or pops, how can you protect your relationship with your grandchildren? 

As solicitor Daniel Knox highlighted in his blog last month, grandparents can play an important role in their grandchildren’s lives.

Our Jennifer Curtis has contributed to a piece on Today’s Family Lawyer which sets out our perspective as solicitors when asked to advise grandparents on what steps they can possibly take where one or both parents is making it difficult for them to spend time with their grandchildren.

Matters involving children tend to be exceptionally emotionally sensitive, and disputes over contact with children involving grandparents are no different.  Over the years, the team at Maguire Family Law have helped a number of grandparent clients to successfully reinstate or preserve their relationship with their grandchildren, particularly where the parents’ marriage has broken down, but also in situations where, for example, one parent has died or been sent to prison.

Our road map service as part of our initial consultations with clients ensures that any grandparents who wish to enquire about their specific circumstances with us, will be given clear advice as to how to best approach their case and what the way forward may look like in terms of resolving matters by agreement or, if necessary, referring matters to court.

If you are a grandparent and need advice on your rights to see your grandchildren then please contact our specialist family law team below.


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