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Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder

Expats living in Dubai are over four times more likely to divorce than Emiratis, The Telegraph online reported yesterday.
The reasons for this are varied and complex, but most agree that expat couples who spend frequent periods apart run a greater risk of infidelity. Maintaining links with the UK, whether by caring for elderly relatives or children still at school here, puts enormous pressure on relationships.
Sadly, loneliness, stress and even boredom can often be features of expat life. It is little wonder therefore that expats appear more vulnerable to marital conflict than others.
Soaring divorce rates in Dubai in particular have been attributed in part to the worldwide financial crisis, as families are no longer able to maintain the glamorous lifestyle enjoyed previously.
However, unreasonable behaviour arising from financial pressures is one of the most frequently cited reasons for a relationship breakdown, whether in Dubai or the UK.

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