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A man who represents himself…

family law advice

…has a fool for a client, goes an old saying. It seems that, now, this adage is actually being backed-up by legal research. Some of the recent findings about those who choose to represent themselves in family court might surprise you. However, these outcomes do not often prevent people from trying to represent themselves. In divorce proceedings, financial negotiations, discussions about children and more, this seems to be a very common trend. In this post, we will discuss more about this recent trend, discussing common issues faced by those who chose to represent themselves. Lastly, we will tell you how you can solve this problem for good, and how we can help.

What Research Shows

Recent research shows (not really surprisingly) that those who chose to represent themselves are often in for a surprise. They can face what seems to them a vicious spiral of ill luck. Without specialist legal advice, many people look back and feel that they have ended up with a worse deal than they expected. When things like children, property, pensions, and other finances are at stake, how much are you willing to pay? Do not forget that having a bad day in court can also do quite a bit to hurt your ego, waste your time, and even put you in not such favourable light with the judge or other family members.

The Issues

So what are some of the issues that self-representing litigants face? Common ones include:

  • An unrealistic understanding of the court’s powers and what the final outcome will look like.
  • Not being familiar with the law, courtroom, or court process, and making blunders in court because of it.
  • An unwillingness to settle. Instead, they wish to go to court.
  • Worse final results at the end than would have been the case if they would have simply instructed a solicitor.

Solving the Problem

There are quite a few reasons why you might be thinking about representing yourself. Commonly, litigants feel like they can handle a family court case. Or, they may feel that the costs of instructing a good solicitor are too high, or simply not worth it. But when you think about the issues that might arise when you try to represent yourself, you may soon realise that expert representation if more cost effective.

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